Interest on History of FOSS - Talking @ UniPi

Today I had the honour to give a talk on FOSS and copyleft in general, as a guest on University of Peireus. While talking on the subject, I noticed a particular interest on the history of free & open source movement and the history of copyrights.

In fact, mentioning the fact that "copyright" as a term is coined around 1800s, gave me the kick-start to persuade the audience that we should not consider "copyright on everything" as something "given" and "universally approved", but rather consider it as something "constructed" with profit in mind...

Moreover the talk headed to internet and the recent changes on Greek legislation (logging traffic etc) and the current adoption of GNU/Linux in Greece.

Some Live-CDs of Fedora 10 were a hit too! :) (Thanks to Spevack I have much of them now, but I'll rather keep them for FossComm 2009 on May ! )

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