FOSDEM 2009 - Day One

The morning has come. We get on a bus that was constantly filling up with geeks and nerds (oh yeah!) and at about 10am we were at ULB where FOSDEM is held.

The Fedora Booth was almost already ready by the ambassadors that woke up early (and had the setup slot time) and with the addition of the swag we brought the booth was ready to rocking!

As the time proceeded and more XO laptops where added to our booth, more people where asking what where those and on what OS the run. The profound answer (Fedora) was the begging of sometimes a long conversation about the pros of Fedora and so on.

Those OLPC's where a hit!

My morning booth slot was nearly at end when I was preparing for the RPM Packaging Talk by Christoph Wickert. Our Talk room has so crowded when I found it (it was like hidden!) that I had to sit on the floor! Christoph gave us amazing tips about packaging which hopefully I will use real soon...

Right after Chitlesh Goorah gave a really inspiring talk about who he handles the whole Fedora Electronic Lab Project and I started thinking about a similar handling of an Art & Studio spin of Fedora, something that we later discussed with Chitlesh (between two beers :) )

The rest of the day was booth time for me with some brakes to snap some swag here and there.

After a long (but super-happy!) day at FOSDEM we went back at the hostel and then went out with the whole Fedora team for some good Belgian beer (like Kwak!)

Some nice photos added at this set.

FOSDEM 2009 - Day Zero

Getting up early is never easy (at least for me) but when you have to catch a plane to Brussels for FOSDEM, getting up at 6:00 am was a piece of cake! With great excitement about the trip I got ready and got to the airport with Kostas just to meet the already assembled greek team.

After an incedent with the tickets of G.Nikolopoulos (we had booked for the previous week!) we got on plane and landed 3 hours later to Brussels! (after doing some random hacking with OLPC :P )

The airport there is quite new and big. I thought that it was 3 times bigger than El. Venizelos (the Athens' one). We took the train to Brussels-Center and during this transportation we had another misfortune loosing the Fedora Banner (that we had at Athens Digital Week)

The hostel (Les Ecrins) proved to be such a bargain! Cheap clean with free wi-fi. What else could you ask for? :)

After some lunch and resting we got prepared for the FOSDEM Beer Event that night at Delerium Bar which claims to have 2500 (!) different brands of beers! Many people gathered around and inside it and finally we got to meet in person the rest of the Fedora Community at FOSDEM. Joerg, Chitlesh and the other guys where so kind to give us all the answers we needed for events like FOSDEM (its my first time on such event).

After that we had some great time meeting new people, chatting bout projects and general stuff and also tasting many different beers! (I even got a Banana Beer! ... was kinda nice ... )

Lebanese fast-food straight afterward and quickly back to the hostel (with some architectural sightseeing in between :P ) for some resting cause tommorow will be a long day!

The rest of the photos can be viewed at this Flickr Set

Getting ready for FOSDEM #2

Yesterday I received the Fedora buttons that I ordered for FOSDEM. Take a look at them at this Set in Flickr

There are 600 of them in medium and small size. I got it in pretty good price : 0,40 and 0,50 Euro each. I guess in Greece we are still in good prices.

The printing of the buttons was an idea by a fellow Greek Ambassador Konstantinos Antonakoglou

Although they are 600, I guess in 1 hour they will be vanished at FOSDEM :P

Thats the point of course... :)