Fedora 10 Hackfest @ Patras

Fedora 10 release is approaching...In order to sum up the activities need for the release on behalf of the Greek team, we are organizing a Hackfest on weekend 11-12/10/08 in Patras. More info on fedoraproject.gr

Stay tuned for photos and report... :)

Fedora @ Athens Digital Week !

Being a memeber of Fedora Project in Greece (http://fedoraproject.gr) I am happy to announce (and trying to contribute in organizing here) the participation of Fedora in Athens Digital Week , a great event that is going to take place in Athens from 13 to 19 October 2008. Await for photos and posts from the experience! ;)

Arch Design 3 - Beta

My progress on designing an exhibition facility for a piece of modern art, is beginning to produce presentable results. On the following rendering the form of the construction acting as roof (for the frontal part of the building) is depicted.

The shadows created on this rendering are considered the worse possible, given the position (angle) of the sun. Thus the percentage of coverage is efficient (?). I think i am going to need some help from my tutor on this.

Shigeru Ban - Wall less house

My second exercise on Architectural Design was a reconstruction (in scale) and analysis of a medium house of a prominent modern architect of our choice. I choose Shigeru Ban's Wall less house in Nagano, Japan part of his Case Study Houses. Minimalistic and outrageously simple was the definite love at first sight for me.

So...the result of my exercise was
  • 3 1/100 scale models (depicting the different arrangements of the furnitures)
  • 1 1/50 cross-section of the building
  • 1 1/50 scale model of the building (with surroundings)
Photos of them can be seen in a photo set here (Flickr)