Radiation - Not harmfull for life (sort of life in fact)

"A colony of bacteria found 2.8 kilometers below the Earth's surface in a South African gold mine is able to sustain itself without energy from the Sun. While sub-surface colonies of microorganisms utilizing sulfur (mostly near deep sea hydrothermal vents) is not new, this particular colony is unusual. The colony does it by relying on radioactive uranium to split water into hydrogen gas. Thus, instead of solar energy and photosynthesis, this species relies on radioactive materials and sulfur/hydrogen to facilitate its energy needs."
With such bacterias in mind anyone could imagine another planet in space that can host life form like this...Such a remarkable discovery!...
After that some people must redifine the comment for the neutron nuclear bomb...("the neutron bomb destroyes every lifeform...")

Maya 8.0

After a long time using AutoCAD (near my father) I descided to fiddle with Maya 8.0, the famous cousin of AutoCAD...Just for educational reasons...
Autodesk Maya Product Information

C'mon baby light my....PC!

When you are bored...nothing to do...ideas come to your mind!Unfortunately for some PC you also decide to commit such actions!
Results : see the pictures ...
The idea for the "lighting" tower was from Haroulis(as always has the most kafrous ideas)