Getting ready for FOSDEM

I am going to FOSDEM!

Yeah, i booked everything and co-organized with Dimitris the Greek team (codenamed "boulouki" !) for the event. But instead of going just to watch I decided to do some logistics for Fedora @ FOSDEM.

Today I finally got the 1300 A4 3-folded flyers with generic info and contact info for Fedora Project. The were designed by a fellow Fedora Ambassador but i updated them a little bit. Also I got together the 800 A5 flyers for Fedora Electronic Lab a very nice and promissing project headed by another fellow Ambassador Chitlesh Goorah .

I was wondering whether I should combine the printing of the A4s Generic Flyers with something else that needed promotion at FOSDEM so I came up with the idea of flyers for FEL and Chitlesh was delighted to help me. The final result is just great!

(So maybe the iPhone photos are little crappy... :P)

Cant wait to use them on FOSDEM! And there are more to come before FOSDEM (buttons with Fedora logo, and hardware logistics!)

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